Sudanese Pyramids, Giza, Egypt


           Hassan Kabbashi, 1996
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Before you begin can you please remove the top pyramid image on the Shaykan page?

I’m assuming you will begin with this page because it is the landing page. Also what I want done on here is central to all  other changes.
  • Install all standard features that are common  to all pages on the left-hand sidebar (English) and the right-hand sidebar (Arabic). Some  may be unique to the Home page some to other pages. They include the following: Calender,Recent Posts (5), Archives, Categories Login/Log out, Live Search, Footnotes, Copyright etc). Also, please install Shopify, which is available on for free. Shopify will give me the capability to tag any statement I may want to put on sale. It may also be a good idea to duplicate the site (already attempted) and install an elegant flag Language Selector to link the pages each to each for ease of navigating between the two versions of the website. See if you can place my own combination of English/Arabic fonts on the site that may solve a number of problems, including a nagging problem of Arabic numbers changing to English numbers in an Arabic text.  You can use this Internet Explorer link ( … ) to a page where you can switch English numbers back to Arabic . Also please install this UN link on both versions of the website for easy access when I am writing: You can shorten the link as UNTermPortal:
  • It will be great if you have a specific Language Selector in mind. I am looking for both elegance and functionality. If not try this WordPress link:


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Hassan Kabbashi

Welcome to the bilingual website of the Sudanese Democratic Union (SDU), Voice of the Disenfranchised Natives. We are not to the left and we are not to the right, we’re above!

          For ease of navigation you need to have an idea about the Language Selector  on the left sidebar of the English version of this website and on the right sidebar of the Arabic version of the site. Using the selector will make it possible for you to view the same subject in the language of your choice. Example, if you wish to view the Arabic version of the English text at hand simply click on the Sudan flag inside the Language Selector box.  To return to the English version simply click on the American flag inside the same box and you will be back in a flash! Keep in mind the Language Selector is available on all pages of the bilingual website. 

          To have an idea about where the SDU stands  on any current issue just visit the About Us page and have a look at the Union Editorial.  This is different from the current bilingual statement on the Post page, which will be available for reading only until it is archived. Then you can access the last post and download it on your device only after paying for it one US Dollar.  To do so simply click on the word Archives on the sidebar to view a list of the archived statements. Select the one you have in mind and ahead straight to the Shaykan page above, which is our checkout outlet.  Feel free to save your selected statement on the device or your Phone, Desktop or Tablet.  Keep in mind that for copyright considerations you cannot forward this statement to anybody else without paying for it first.