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Hassan kabbashi, 1996

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We are  about getting the word out about what was, what is andwhat should be in present-day Sudan. The SDU is armed with an entirely new perspective on the past of man in the Nile Valley that goes back to more than 3 million years! Based on what we know, “ain’t no stopin’ us now, we gonna move“, as the American song says. The Sudanese people have an awesome potential to bring about lasting change that is bound to have a tremendous impact not only at home but across the globe. this is the same world view that has inspired the Hebrew-Arab Negro masters of the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt 3100-2450)  to give the world the pyramid civilization and all messengers of God.

What is less known is the fact that soon after the ongoingPharaonic Fall from Grace in the year 3100 BC, God saw it fit to send all messengers of salvation from Africa to where they are needed most. Nothing of substance has changed.  Now theAlmighty God is getting ready to undo what Pharaoh has done as the last earthly mission of Jesus Christ (a Nubian of Mahasi extraction). Jesus is already among us on Mission to Reverse the Pharaonic Curse in favor of “the lost sheep of Abraham” by whomGod means the “Arabs” of northern Sudan of today. Which simply means there are no Arabs in the country.  If this sounds like a flying fish, wait until you get to the sea of the forbidden past of man in the Nile Valley!






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This statement was first published on October 21, 1994. It is now being reissued because it is still relevant to the current situation in the “Land of Suudan”, particularly after the blunder of the rreverse separation of the “Arab” North from the “Negro” South thus precipitating the recurrent bloody flare ups between the champions of the RRepublic of the Southern Separatists and the champions of the Republic of the Northern Separatists, which usually take place in the name of country and religion! Significantly, the champions involved still have no idea why ever since the Arabians have been going around congratulating themselves on having rendered the “gullible” Sudanese an invaluable service!

The Sudanese Democratic Union (SDU) is a political entity that has been operating underground since May, 25, 1969 “for the effective restoration of democracy as the best vehicle for enabling the Sudanese people to shape their own destiny by themselves”. In this context we thought it appropriate to bring to mind an important principle instituted by Imam al-Mahdi (a Nubian of Dunqulawi extraction) when he said: “Do not condemn people for what they did before Mahdism” Likewise we do not condemn people for their political past only for what they might do after a clear line of demarcation is already drawn between good and falsehood. 

This is an explosive case of mistaken identity because it is deliberate at least on the part of Arabia. The northern Nubians continued to be targeted for annihilation based on calculated lies. The problem began when the former Christian masters of the Funj Kingdom of Sennar (1504-1821 AD) willingly surrendered their Nubian identity, language and Christian faith in a bid to win permanent peace with the invading Arabs of Egypt and North Africa unaware of an age-old trick whereby the invaders would ultimate switch identities and historical records with the northern natives of the Nile Valley for the purposes of divide and conquer. This trick proved to be more effective among the isolated southern “Negroes” who still not know who is who, what is what and what is not in the “Arab” North.The situation go worse when the champions of counter crusading got involved in the bloody game plan ostensibly to save imperiled “pagan Negroes” from their own folks in the “Arab” North.Since then we have lost millions and millions of innocent souls in a most deadly comedy of errors which is far beyond the ken of the southern “Negroes” who now think they are more Christian than us! They have no idea of knowing that Christianity proper is Sufism as practised by the northern Sudanese of today.